Join The Grove Cottages

Why Choose Us?

Simple – look at our availability calendar to see how booked up our cottages are - even in winter.

Unlike other Holiday Cottage Agencies we actively promote your cottage to achieve a high occupancy rate all year round.

Occupancy rates reached 80% for the last 12 months

See for yourself. Shown below are our actual booking calendars for all cottages. Look back at our historical availability calendar to verify our claims. Choose a month below.

Not booked


These great occupancy rates must come at a price?

Actually – no!

We offer a flat rate commission comparable to other large agencies, but with no start up fees and all that we ask is that you stay with us for 12 months; after that if we don't perform the way we promise, you may leave whenever you wish, with no penalties to pay.

What makes us different?

The difference between us and other agencies is that we will act as a dedicated personal marketing company for your cottage, with the aim of achieving maximum sales for you, all year round.

Because we are by design, a boutique agency with a small number of cottages, we can concentrate our attention on each property, and therefore achieve a much higher occupancy rate because of this personal involvement. Your property won't be lost among hundreds of others and our marketing activities to sell your property extend a long way beyond simply putting your cottage on our website.

We will only accept cottages into our agency that offer very atmospheric and interesting accommodation to our guests and are true to our brand. When you join us, you are part of a portfolio of hand-picked cottages with a very faithful following, where guests can expect the same high level of service, standards and enjoyment from one cottage to the next.

What can we offer you?


  • A professional photoshoot of your property and surrounding area
  • A comprehensive and detailed write-up on both The Grove Cottages, The Suffolk Guide and The Essex Guide websites (if appropriate), with full search engine optimisation
  • A dedicated marketing campaign, including being promoted on other holiday cottage websites (portals)
  • Press releases of the launch of your cottage with us
  • Social media activity (to over 11,000 followers across all platforms)
  • Dedicated e-newsletters to over 30,000 recipients
  • Ongoing marketing activity, specifically tailored to your property (which would include any special offers, new stories of interest about your property etc)
  • Two dedicated websites that promote tourism in Suffolk and Essex and support the activity of The Grove Cottages (The Suffolk Guide and The Essex Guide)
  • We will maintain a close working relationship with you to ensure we can make the most of every opportunity for promoting your cottage
  • We will create ‘frequent flyer’ programs for you.
  • We will create last minute discount offers on your behalf that are visible on various websites.


  • A comprehensive 24-hour online booking service, with availability calendar which is instantly updated
  • We will liaise with you/your cottage manager when bookings are made and you will receive instant notification of bookings via text/email
  • We will deal with all related correspondence such as sending booking details, travel arrangements etc to customers. We will also collate customer feedback after each visit and respond to it as appropriate
  • We will deal with any queries/complaints from visitors in the first instance
  • We will handle all financial transactions
  • Payments will be made to you monthly (we don't hang on to your money until the booking has been fulfilled - you will receive deposits and payments for future bookings on a monthly basis)


Before you join us, we will offer advice and guidance on how to maximise the occupancy rate for your cottage. After that we will offer ongoing advice and support to help you run your cottage efficiently.

Do we take on just any old cottage?

To sit comfortably inside our Collection and to meet the level of booking our owners have enjoyed, your cottage needs to have something special to offer guests.

As a minimum it has to be 4 star rated but what we are looking for above all else is character and atmosphere. What we are looking for is:

  • Uniqueness Uniqueness rather than make-over blandness
  • Brick and wood floors Brick and wood floors rather than fitted carpets
  • Irregular walls Irregular walls rather than plaster-board
  • Open log fires Open log fires rather than flame effect fires
  • Lime-wash Lime-wash rather than Dulux
  • Restoration Restoration rather than renovation

So what next? Ask yourself...

  • Would your cottage sit happily in it the Grove Cottages collection?
  • Does your cottage meet our criteria?
  • Do you want a high occupancy rate with minimum of fuss?

If you have answered yes to all the above, please get in touch.

Mark Scott
01787 211 115