Bringing Pets

Dear Dog Owner.... We are very glad you are considering visiting us with your pet.

This page contains the costs, the ground rules and specific pet orientated information on each cottage. please do talk to us about the suitability of a specific cottage for your pet - we are glad to help you

The Costs

We are very happy to accept dogs in the dog friendly cottages (some cottages also state if they accept Cats).


However there is a small price to pay of £15 per pet for a stay of under a week  - £25 per pet per week.


Our owners use the extra costs involved in housekeeping to ensure that other guests who may be allergic to dogs are not affected.


We also go to special lengths to ensure that you and your dog really enjoy yourselves at our cottages with our Pet Welcome Pack.


First of all please understand that we are very happy to welcome guests with dogs and we will do everything we can to ensure that this opportunity remains open to you.


But a lot is up to you as a dog owner to help us to make sure everything runs trouble free and is an enjoyable experience for everybody involved.


Please understand that we can only continue offering a cottage to guests with pets if certain strict rules are applied - it is not worth reading these rules if you are a responsible owner like the vast majority of our guests as they are just common sense.


  • No doggies on sofa's or chairs or beds.
  • No doggies in bedrooms
  • No doggies left alone - ever.
  • No gardens to be used as toilets - at all.

And I have to emphasis this, it is unfair on the owner to let your pet out at night to pee in a cottage garden as it will start a pee station for every other dog, smell, be unsightly and kill the grass.

The gardens are used for guests and crawling children to safely enjoy.

I am sorry to have to be so clear about this but recent thoughtless abuses of our cottages has meant that what is 'acceptable behaviour' needs to be laid out so everybody understands. This way we can hopefully carry on extending a real welcome to guests bringing pets.

"A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart."

Additional rules specific to Snow cottage, Rose Cottage, The Bakery, Dons Barn, Farm Cottage and Orchard Cottage

**These cottages are grouped together and have common gardens but benefit from having a big dog exercise Orchard and they are surrounded by open countryside with fotpaths straight from the gardens.

  • Please feel free to use the one acre Dog Exercise Area - but pick up anything your pet leaves and deposit in the dog waste bin provided for your convenience.
  • Please note that the dog Exercise Area contains a pond and the area is not securely fenced in from the fields or tiny lane - just hedges.
  • Please keep your pet on a lead in all other areas of the grounds as we have flightless birds, cats, children and other dogs to contend with.

Why not bring a Dog Travel Cage

It is always a great relief to cottage owners when guests bring those handy travel cages with them, their pets seem to settle down much better and nobody has to worry about a sneaky sleepover on the sofa.


Here is a very useful article by Jesse Miller which includes many practical tips and advice on how to choose the most suitable dog crate for your pet:


Here are links for buying travel cages - many of our guests who regularly take their dogs on holiday with them have one… as I do.