Holiday Cottage Investment

Property is always a safe investment... but with us as your partner, you can have the added benefit of somewhere you can use as a holiday home; which pays for itself.


Holiday Cottage Investment

Make a safe investment in property that is also a second home; it pays for itself and is always in tip top condition for you to use yourself.

Many people are put off the idea of investing in a Holiday Cottage. This is often because they worry about attracting sufficient guests to keep HMRC happy, as well as the general hassle of running it and dealing with not just a second home, but customers as well.

We can solve your problems!

A Holiday Cottage is a safe capital investment opportunity when you work with us.

This Investment possibility is made possible only through the expertise and success of The Grove Cottages, who achieve exceptionally high occupancy levels with their Holiday Cottage portfolio and can therefore guarantee that your Holiday Cottage legally falls within HMRC guidelines.

The average occupancy for our cottages is close to 70% with some cottages getting over 95% on a 365 day basis - No other Holiday Cottage Agency operating in this region achieves these figures

The services we offer to take all the hassle out of your investment:

  • We can find the right property for you that in our experience is going to achieve high occupancy.
  • We can guarantee qualification as a Holiday Rental under HMRC’s strict occupancy levels.
  • We can help with the interior design concepts and source the right people to restore and maintain your property to achieve the occupancy required.
  • We can make sure that all legal, safety and our own inventory requirements are fulfilled and that Tourism Star Ratings are maintained.
  • We can find, train, monitor and even supervise a Cottage Manager/Cleaner
  • Hands Free: with the backup of The Grove Cottages as your Agent we can take all aspects of running and maintaining a cottage off your hands.
  • We would handle all aspects of promoting your cottage and handling Guests and all financial income aspects.
  • We can even handle all expense aspects if required.
  • Clear monthly statements with no income held back.
  • We have a long and trouble free history of being a trusted Holiday Cottage Agency.

Example Investment Property

A property similar to the one shown in the Gallery, which is in one of Suffolk's prettiest Medieval Villages, will make an estimated income for the owner of £1500 per month after our agency fees.


If a cottage is perfect then we can achieve over £2,100 pm average earnings after commission


The Grove Cottages has been operating as a Holiday Cottage Agency since 1997 and has the highest occupancy of any agency in Suffolk ranging from 70% - 97% on a daily basis over the year.

Useful Legal and Insurance INFORMATION:

J L Morris & Co
Bosher & Co