Discover: Nature Reserve at Friday Street

Queenies, Cissys and Laundry Cottage have direct access from their car park to a really lovely Nature Reserve .

Beverley and Martin, who own the cottages, bought the Nature reserve along with their 2 neighbours in 2015 and are slowly exposing some of the wonderful mature trees and making footpaths around the Reserve to enjoy its tranquil beauty,

In Spring there are carpets of daffodils and Martin has kindly placed some benches in places along the walks to enjoy the scenery.

Being on the edge of a hill there is a wonderful variety of woodland from grassy heathland on a small escarpment overlooking the forest to Scots pine forest, oak forest with grass or bracken floor covering.

There are some wonderful magestic trees including some amazingly high Scots Pine and fully mature ancient Oaks

Guests to Beverley and Martins Cottages are welcome to enjoy this beautiful Nature Reserve, and of course their children and doggies.