Access Statement The Wobbin

This is an access statement for The Wobbin.

This cottage is a secluded early farm workers cottage. It is set n is’t own grounds and has gated off round parking on a gravel courtyard.

The garden is enclosed. Inside the cottage some doorways are a little lower than modern ones with and the staircase is quite steep and a little bit uneven.

There is a loo downstairs and a bathroom upstairs between the 2 bedrooms, with a bath but no shower.

The Cottage is not Accessibility Rated by the Tourist Board and all worktops, bathroom fittings, beds and chairs are standard heights.

There is a small step down from the hall into the dining room

We would only recommend this cottage to the reasonably able bodied due to its age and original design.

We endeavour to illustrate clearly the cottage and urge all guests who are concerned about the suitability of our cottages for their break with us to speak to us personally on 01787 211 115 and we will give all the help we can in finding the ideal cottage for you.

Dogs are welcome in this cottages.

Thank you.