Access Statement Romney

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.


Romney is a detached Victorian cottage built in 1865. With three bedrooms upstairs it sleeps up to 5 people. There is one bathroom with step-in shower. Off road parking for two vehicles is available immediately outside the cottage. We are situated in the Stour Valley, on the A1092 in the picturesque village of Cavendish, south Suffolk.The market town of Sudbury is six miles away and Bury St. Edmunds 12 miles to the north.


The nearest railway station is six miles away in Sudbury, with trains to London via Marks Tey.
Planning your journey by road, Cavendish is just 60 miles from the City of London via the M11 motorway/A120/A131.

Key Collection, Welcome and Car Parking

The key can be collected from the owner’s property, which is next door. Alternatively, give us a call when you are sure of your arrival time and we will arrange to meet you on your arrival. A key safe is also provided and accessible to our guests.
Off road parking for two cars is available immediately outside the cottage. The surface of the parking area is constructed of level flints which is about an inch higher than the pavement surface. The front of the cottage is reasonably lit at night by a street lamp on the opposite side of the road.

Entrance to Property

Access into the cottage can be made directly through the front door (31.5 inches/80 cm wide) up one stone step (3.5 inches/9 cm high). The front door leads directly into the front sitting room. This has a short pile fitted carpet, with large short pile rug on top. Light switch is positioned on the right hand wall directly inside the front door.
It may be more convenient to usually gain access down the gravel driveway beside the cottage, through the garden gate (32 inches/81 cm wide) on to the level paved patio located beneath the veranda and in via the back door and into the kitchen. There is one stone step and a wooden door step (4.5 inches/12 cm and 6.5 inches/17 cm high respectively) to the back door (27 inches/69 cm wide). This door has the benefit of being a French door which, with both doors open can provide an open width of 43 inches/109 cm. The back gate/driveway/patio area is illuminated by a motion sensor light. There is also a switch operated outside light above the French door, operated from the kitchen. The kitchen has a tiled floor with sisal mat. Light switches are located on the wall directly inside the left hand door.

Halls, Stairs, Landings, Passageways

Access to the stairs is through a latch door (27 inches/69 cm wide) directly from the dining room. Typical of a Victorian cottage the stairs have 12 narrow tread steps 8.5 inches/22 cm deep by 8.5 inches/22cm high and as a result are quite steep compared with modern day stairs, care is therefore needed – the stairs are fitted with a short pile carpet. The first four steps turn through 90 degrees, thereafter the stair run is straight. There is a hand rail on the right hand side of the stairs parallel with the straight run to the top landing. The narrowest width of the stairs is 27 inches/69cm.
The stairs are lit by a motion sensor spot light. In addition there is a ceiling light located at the top of the stairs with two, two-way wall mounted switches, one at the top and other at the bottom of the stairs. Another ceiling light is located at the other end of the landing, above the entrance doors to the bathroom and back bedroom.
From the top of the stairs and on to the landing, the entrance to the front bedroom is directly ahead through a latch door. The landing turns through 180 degrees with access to the single room through a latch door on the right hand side of the landing. The landing has wooden floorboarding with a floor runner. There are two steps down (both 4.5 inches/11 cm) to a small floor area from which entrance to the bathroom and back bedroom are gained through latch doors. The minimum width of the landing is 27 inches/69 cm.

Sitting Room/Lounge

The sitting room is situated at the front of the house on the ground floor with entry through a latch door 28 inches/71 cm wide directly from the dining room. A 0.5 inch/1.5cm step is in place at the doorway.
The furniture consists of one two seater and one three seater settee. A large blanket box containing children’s toys is located at the centre of the room. This can be used as a coffee table.
There is a 28 inch screen digital TV with remote control, subtitles and DVD player built into a corner cupboard. A separate CD player with remote control and a flexible spot light is also located within the cupboard.
Lighting is natural daylight, and by night two wall lights, two table lamps and a standard lamp are provided.

Dining Room

The dining room is located on the ground floor between the sitting room and kitchen. Access is through latch doors, the minimum width being 31.5 inches/80 cm. A 0.5 inch/1.5cm step exists at each doorway.
The flooring is wooden boarded with a smooth pile carpet runner.
The dining room table is 29 x 71 inches/74 x 180 cm and has legs 10 inches/25 cm from each end and 1.5 inches/4 cm from the sides. From floor to lowest point of the table top is 25.5 inches/65 cm. The table is movable from side to side.
There are 3 chairs, two round backed and the third straight backed (no arms), all with cushion seats. A two person bench without back with padded seat is positioned against the wall/beneath the movable table.
Lighting is natural light with two dimmable pendant lights and a table lamp.
There is a small under stairs step-in in cupboard with a 3 inch/7.5cm step through a low latch door 24 inches/61 cm wide. There is a counter freezer located upon a shelf 48 inches/122 cm above the cupboard floor. There is a wall light with wall switch located inside the cupboard left hand.


The kitchen is on the ground floor with a one inch step at the doorway through a latch door into the dining room. The doorway is 30.5 inches/77 cm wide.
There is a tiled flooring with a sisal mat in place.
The door to the electric oven drops down and the handle is 17 inches/43 cm above the floor. The door to the grill drops down and the handle is 27.5 inches/70 cm above the floor. The ceramic hob is 36 inches/91.5 cm above the floor.
The worktop and sink are 35 inches/89 cm above the floor. Monobloc lever taps are in place.
An under work top fridge with ice box is available.
A drop leaf table is provided. From floor to lowest point of the table is 27 inches/69 cm.
Two straight backed chairs (no arms) with padded seats are provided. If additional chairs are required, the chairs from the dinning room are used.
Lighting is natural with one pendant light above the table, a ceiling light, spot light and concealed work top light with wall switches are available.

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas

The three bedrooms are located on the first floor, the only accessed via the steep stairs.
Access to each bedroom is from the landing.
The back bedroom door is 28 inches/71 cm wide. There is a a zip and link king sized bed. Height of the bed from the floor to top of mattress is 24 inches/61 cm. Access beside each side of the top half of the bed and walls is a snug 9 inches/23 cm. The room has a low pile fitted carpet.
Lighting is natural, with ceiling light, table lamp and reading lights each side of the headboard.
Two wall hooks with hangers, one door hook and a chest of drawers is provided.
The middle single bedded room is accessed through a latch door 25 inches/64 cm wide. Height of the bed from the floor to top of mattress is 19.5 inches/50 cm.
The floor is wooden boarded with a rug.
Lighting is natural, with ceiling light and two table lamps.
Two wall hooks and one hook behind the door with hangers and a chest of drawers is provided.
The front Master bedroom has access through a latch door 26 inches/66 cm wide. The room has a king sized brass bedstead. Height of the bed from the floor to top of mattress is 28 inches/71 cm.
The flooring is wooden boarded with small rugs each side of the bed.
Lighting is natural, with a ceiling light and three table lamps.
Five wall hooks with hangers, a chest of drawers, corner cupboard and wardrobe is provided.

Bathrooms, Shower-rooms and Toilets

Access to the bathroom is directly from the landing through a latch door 29 inches/74 cm wide.
The floor is tiled with bath mat in place.
A step-in shower (21 inches/54 cm) is located within the full length bath. A folding glass shower screen is in place.
Single lever taps are provided at the bath and sink.
The wash basin is wall mounted, without pedestal, with wall mounted mirror and shaving point/light above.
The toilet is 17 inches/43 cm high.
Four wall hooks for towels are provided above the heated towel rail.


There is a paved patio accessed from the kitchen by two steps (one stone step and a wooden doorstep (4.5 inches/12 cm and 6.5 inches/17 cm high respectively).
A glass veranda covers the patio area.
A round glass topped garden table is provided on the patio with 6 fold up metal chairs with padded seats and backs are available located in the cupboard under the stairs in the dining room. A bbq is also provided.
The walled garden is 40 feet long x 20 feet wide, mainly lawned with flower borders. A narrow winding brick path leads to a raised patio area at the end of the garden. A round metal table and two wire chairs are provided on this patio.

Additional Information

Trained assistance dogs are welcome
WiFi is provided and mobile phone reception may depend upon the provider. Providers list their reception for this area of Cavendish as follows: Vodafone, BT, O2, 3Mobile, EE/Orange/TMobile, Virgin, LIFE all rate their reception for 2G/3G as good. TPO/Asda 2G moderate and 3G low.