Access Statement Bakery

This is an access statement for The Bakery.

This cottage is not graded in any special way and all worktops, bathroom fitting beds and chairs are standard heights.

Dogs are welcome in this cottages.

We urge all guests who are concerned about the suitability of our cottages for their break with us to speak to us personally on 01787 211 115 and we will give all the help we can in finding the ideal cottage for you.

Thank you.

The Bakery

There is ample parking in the private courtyard where if specially required guests can park their cars.

You can drive right up to the cottage entrance.

The Bakery has TV /radio/ cd and is completely self-contained and is inclusive of towels, bedding and a generous welcome breakfast pack.

There is WiFi provided for guests but mobile signal is quite patchy, those with iphone’s can use the ‘call over WiFi’ feature on their phone to get good signal in the cottage.

We are living on the farm as well and happy for guests to use our phones.

There are maps and masses of information in the cottages plus all information on important emergency numbers like doctors, hospital, dentist, taxi and vets

The Bakery is a 2 floor floor cottage with one open plan living, dining room and kitchen downstairs (the oven is under the worktop) and a bedroom with ensuit bathroom upsatirs

There is an open coal fire infront of the old Bake oven opposite the sofa

There are French doors directly onto the garden from the sitting area of the living room, the gardens lead stright onto the fields and lane

The stairs are on the steep side and quite narrow, but with a bannister.

There is a 3 inch step from the courtyard to the front door

The small hall (6 foot by 5 foot six inches) leads into the main room downstairs or up the staircase to the bedroom and bathroom.

The ensuit bathroom has a good sized showerwhich you step straight into, the step is 4 inches to get in.

· Access from large gravel courtyard – you can drive and park in if required.

· Front door 32 inches wide.

      Living Room door 29 inches wide

· Steep narrow stairs

· Bathroom door 23 inches wide.

· Shower 23 inches wide with 4 inch step in and curtains

· Shower is a large single size shower with no doors.

· This cottage also has a second entrance onto the front garden, there is a step out of 2 inches high and the outside path has steps of one inch and 4 inches.

If you use the path around the cottages this has a number of small steps under 2 inches and 1 step 4 inches and one step 6 inches – these steps can be avoided by keeping on the grass.

It is a gravel courtyard and pea shingle path to the large Orchard and dog exercise area.

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