Bringing Pets

Dear Dog Owner....

We are very glad you are considering visiting us with your pet. 

This page contains the costs, the ground rules and specific pet orientated information on each cottage. please do talk to us about the suitability of a specific cottage for your pet  - we are glad to help you

The Cost

We are very happy to accept dogs in the dog friendly cottages (some cottages also state if they accept Cats).

However there is a small price to pay of £15 per pet for a stay of under a week  - £25 per pet per week.

Our owners use the extra costs involved in housekeeping to ensure that other guests who may be allergic to dogs are not affected

We also go to special lengths to ensure that you and your dog really enjoy yourselves at our cottages with our Pet Welcome Pack

The Pet Welcome Pack includes:

  • A Pet washing station (outside hose).
  • Pet Poo bags
  • Local dog walks maps
  • Information about dog friendly pubs
  • Vet information
  • Emergency dog towels, if things get out of hand
  • A Doggie bowl and a treat.


First of all please understand that we are very happy to welcome guests with dogs and we will do everything we can to ensure that this opportunity remains open to you.

But a lot is up to you as a dog owner to help us to make sure everything runs trouble free and is an enjoyable experience for everybody involved.

Please understand that we can only continue offering a cottage to guests with pets if certain strict rules are applied - it is not worth reading these rules if you are a responsible owner like the vast majority of our guests as they are just common sense.

  1. No doggies on sofa's or chairs or beds.
  2. No doggies in bedrooms
  3. No doggies left alone - ever.
  4. No gardens to be used as toilets - at all.

And I have to emphasis this, it is unfair on the owner to let your pet out at night to pee in a cottage garden as it will start a pee station for every other dog, smell, be unsightly and kill the grass.

The gardens are used for guests and crawling children to safely enjoy.


  • If on arrival or during your stay, your pet pees or defecates inside the house you will be asked to leave as it is evident that you do not have a well behaved and house trained pet, in this event you will not be refunded.
  • Please note that if your pet urinates or defecates in the cottage there will be an extra 'deep clean' charge automatically taken of £100.
  • If your dog leaves evidence of garden misuse there will be a £40 extra charge automatically taken, this will increase if the garden has been dug up or destroyed in any way.
  • Any damage your pet does will be claimed for.

I am sorry to have to be so clear about this but recent thoughtless abuses of our cottages has meant that what is 'acceptable behaviour' needs to be laid out so everybody understands. This way we can hopefully carry on extending a real welcome to guests bringing pets.


Additional rules specific to Snow cottage, Rose Cottage, The Bakery, Dons Barn, Farm Cottage and Orchard Cottage

These cottages are grouped together and have common gardens but benefit from having a big dog exercise Orchard and they are surrounded by open countryside with fotpaths straight from the gardens.

  • Please feel free to use the one acre Dog Exercise Area - but pick up anything your pet leaves and deposit in the dog waste bin provided for your convenience.
  • Please note that the dog Exercise Area contains a pond and the area is not securely fenced in from the fields or tiny lane - just hedges.
  • Please keep your pet on a lead in all other areas of the grounds as we have flightless birds, cats, children and other dogs to contend with.


Why not bring a Dog Travel Cage

It is always a great relief to cottage owners when guests bring those handy travel cages with them, their pets seem to settle down much better and nobody has to worry about a sneaky sleepover on the sofa.

Here is a very useful article by Jesse Miller which includes many practical tips and advice on how to choose the most suitable dog crate for your pet. 

Here are links for buying travel cages - many of our guests who regularly take their dogs on holiday with them have one… as I do.


Which Cottage is best for my dog?

This is a list of the cottages and which ones may be better suited for your pets requirements:

The Old Grove Farm: Snow Cottage, Rose Cottage, The Bakery, Dons Barn, Orchard Cottage and Farm Cottage.

We have an acre of grassy Orchard which can be used as a dog exercise area by our car parking area - there is a dog waste bin provided and there is room for your doggie to run around.

However, this is not a totally secure fenced off area - just hedges - and there is a pond and it is bordered by fields.

You will need to keep your pet on a lead in all other areas as we have free range ducklings, bantams, bees, cats and other guests dogs to take into consideration.

There are walks straight from the gardens into the fields or along quite country lanes and footpaths leading to the local pubs and church. 

With so many pet guests visiting our cottages it is essential that pee-ing stations are not established  - so please do not allow your dog to pee in the gardens which are there for guests to enjoy. this is because pee scorches; or if it's a female dog, can kill the grass, please avoid this problem on all the guest gardens other than the big dog exercise Orchard


All Other Cottages: Obviously we do not want dogs to foul or damage the cottage gardens at all. We all try very hard to keep the cottage gardens as pretty for our guests as possible and they all have herbs growing in them which guests are free to use and sometimes even vegetable areas for you to pick from - so please help us with this.


Bromans Barn

This lovely single storey barn on Mersey Island is right next to Cudmore Park Nature Reserve which is doggie heaven and leads down to the seashore.t

The Barn is set in a old farm complex but no farming goes on now but it means there are meadows and tracks just yards from the cottage to 'walk the dog' last thing at night.

Cissy's Cottage

This dog friendly cottage is on a main road it has a large back yard and a garden sitting area but because of the road it would be unwise to let your dog roam But the yard leads directly into the Nature Reserve.

So this is ideal for taking your dog into and using as your own garden with your pet running wild. There are wonderful walks through 2 forests and down to the sea at Aldeburgh.
One Large or 2 medium or 2 small dogs are welcome to stay in Cissy's, but no cats sorry.


Deepwell Barn

This beautiful thatched Barn is a lovely place to take your pet as there are so many footpaths to explore and good pubs to refresh yourself at on the way.

The cottage is down a short private drive used just by guests and the owners who live in the little farmhouse, the gardens are not dog proof so you will need to keep an eye on your dog if it likes to run off. The 'extended garden which is on the other side of the drive goes on for about 2 acres's and is really charming with footpaths winding around the old Orchard and lawns, vegitable patches, and the wooded coppice where you can swing in your hammock. This area is big and for your use but as I said your pet could run off and go for an 'explore' if not watched.


Deepwell Granary

Deepwell Granary benefits from having its own enclosed garden as well as all the lovely meadow and woodland that it shares with Deepwell Barn


The Old Monkey

This cottage is on the edge of a small market Town, there is a small guest area in the garden which is secluded and fine for a quiet outside place to read of the newspapers but not much more, however the fields are opposite and it is a 3 minute walk to the lovely disused railway line which is part of the South Suffolk Cycle route and a lovely, danger free, dog walk.

Two Medium or two small dogs are welcome in The Old Monkey

Gabriel's Place

This cottage is in a small picturesque village, there is a tiny patio garden which is not secure.

Dog walks are straight from the cottage.

Two Large or Medium or small dogs are welcome in Gabriel's Place.


Laundry Cottage

Being part of the old Mill which makes up Queenies & Cissys this cottage also has the same advantages for dog owners: it backs onto a large Nature Reserve with walks through to Snape, Aldeburgh and the Tunstall Forest but its immediate outside access is the communal yard and the gardens which are shared, although there is a private enclosed garden area for you.

One Large or 2 medium or 2 small dogs are welcome to stay in the dog friendly Laundry Cottage, but no cats sorry.


Little Cote

This pretty cottage has a lovely enclosed garden but not that enclosed that a determined pet will not escape.

The Cottage is on a small single track lane right out in the countryside in a cluster of 3 other houses.

The garden leads through to a lovely 3 acre wildflower meadow which you and your pet can enjoy, there is an area where chickens are kept and the fence is low and flimsy so some care is required.


LoveJoys Studio

There is a small private enclosed patio garden inside the Estate grounds where you can let you pet run around while you sip a glass of wine.

There are large Estate grounds which you can go around but please keep your pet on a lead.

The road outside Dead Ends just 80 yards further and leads to a network of footpaths along the river.


A nice place to take your pet.



This cottage is on the edge af a historic market town, it has a small enclosed garden and a short walk round the corner brings you onto the disued railway track which is now a walkers route and part of the suffolk cycle route, a good place to walk your dog.


Mill Cottage

This dog friendly cottage is on a smallholding in its own valley, half a mile from the nearest road.

The 70-acre organic farm has free-ranging Bantams running about and there are sometimes sheep in several of its meadows, so you will have to keep your dog on a lead at all times, but there is an adjacent 11 acre woodland which is completely fenced, where your dog can run around freely away from any potential problems - there is a barn tower in this field and when they are nesting this field will be out of bounds for doggies..

The owners are establishing their own wildlife Nature Rerserve and three other Nature Reserves back onto the valley, so dogs will love it here.

There are really lovely dog walks straight from the cottage and this is a great place to take your pet just so long as you keep him (or her) under control on the farm.

One medium or two small dogs are welcome in Mill Cottage.

Navigation Cottage

This is a lovely cottage to take your pet to as the walks along the Sea Wall, lakeside Nature Reserve or Canal All adjoin the garden. The cottage has a large mature garden and the area infront of the conservatory is being low fenced off which should deter doggies hurtling off but we cannot say it is enclosed as a determined doggie would get away.


Rafe Hall Coach House

There is a large garden with raised vegetable beds and, you are welcome to let your pet roam free but please clear up after him and please avoid damage to the vegetable beds.

The garden and infact the whole property front and back is enclosed by hedging and fencing with wire with 2 large gates to the road and although will not stop a determined digger or fabulous jumper is more 'enclosed' than simply a 'fenced' garden.


This pretty little Victorian village house has an enclosed walled garden which is mainly grassed, the cottage accepts 2 small or one medium sized dog, there are walks straight from the cottage.



This dog friendly cottage is on a main road it has a large back yard and a garden sitting area but because of the road it would be unwise to let your dog roam But the yard leads directly into the Nature Reserve with lovely pathways maintained by the owners.

So this is ideal for taking your dog into and using as your own garden with your pet running wild. There are wonderful walks through 2 forests and down to the sea at Aldeburgh.
One Large or 2 medium or 2 small dogs are welcome to stay in Queenies, but no cats sorry.



There is an enclosed Garden plus 3 acre's of wildflower meadow.

The cottage is right in the countryside on a single track lane with fields all around.

and there are walks from the cottage.



This dog friendly cottage is on a main road in the very picturesque village of Long Melford, it has a good sized back garden that is secure with lovely walks straight from it to open fields.

So this is ideal for taking your dog to.

Two medium dogs are welcome to stay in Spadgers.


The Stables

The garden is enclosed but not to a determined dog

The lane is single track and there are lovely walks straight from the cottage



There are big meadows all around Tara and this is great for your pet, but please do not allow your pet to go into the ornimental ponds or disturb the Bee hives.

Please note that our neighbour has a deer enclosure and that sheep and goats are walked through the meadows twice a day: So please be aware of this and make sure your pet is not left on his own as he might get into trouble.

Please also remember that the forest has a lot of wildlife and you should keep an eye on your pet at all times to make sure he does not disturb something dangerous.

Remember that most houses in the forest have guard dogs; so keep control of your pet around other houses.

Please also check on your pet for ticks.


Tiny Birch

This pretty little cottage has a small back garden.courtyard which is totaly enclosed, there are walks from the cottage up the lanes and onto footpaths


Water Cottage

This is a very pretty historic cottage in a tiny Hamlet, Suffolk's prettiest hamlet.

There is a nice enclosed garden but with holes that any determined dog can get through.

There are very nice walks straight into the countryside from the front door, the fields are less than 80 meters away.


The Wobbin

This secluded cottages has fields or woodland all around it, it is as the dead end of a tiny lane leading to the owners farm so very little traffic, it has a good sized garden which is post and rail fenced and backed with chicken wire, so dogs cannot get out unless they are very small or good jumpers :).

There is a footpath from the garden along the owners private wood, a lovely place to watch sunsets but also a good 'exercise' path for your doggie. Please not that the far end and North part of this this woodland (which is difficult for you to get to)  is used for educational purposes so you would need to keep your pet under control especially if there are visitors during the day.

There are a number of footpaths and tracks which lead down to the Sea Wall (10 minute walk) or the salt marshes, bird Nature Reserves ( be careful here with your doggies), Tollesbury and the Tollesbury Marina (10 minutes walk).

The owners have the adjacent farm and specialise in cattle and have a few free-range chickens running about.

So from a doggie point of view this is a great place, with a secure garden and lots of walks, but like anywhere else when you are out and about you will need to be sensible about when you completely let them go wild. 


Wren Cottage

This cottage has an enclosed patio garden, there are good walks from the village that it is in.

The coast is just a 10 minute drive away



I know very well that the vast majority of pet owners are very aware of their responsibilities and we have hundreds of happy guests here who bring their dogs and return time after time, but as the cottages are so popular with pet owners just one thoughtless pet owner can seriously ruin the holiday of others and leave the place not only a wreck for the next guest but make the owner decide not to accept pets any more.

I hope this helps you find the right dog friendly cottage for you to enjoy if you are planning on bringing a dog.

If you have any questions about this or any helpful suggestions please contact me, I only want everybody to have a great time here.