The Love For Kersey; Suffolk’s Prettiest Village

Over the last week the quaint village of Kersey, Suffolk, has been mentioned in articles online and in the press. Our own Water Cottage lies right next to the ‘splash’ in this pretty village.

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Jodie May, author of the craft and rustic living blog ‘A Handmade Cottage’ and columnist in the Herts and Essex Observer, recently came to visit our Water Cottage, and wrote about her stay in a featured blog post here.

As Jodie describes Water Cottage so well herself: “The beautiful beamed rooms, antiques and furnishing, along with the cosy wood burner ensure a super cosy atmosphere in a well furnished, well equipped, luxurious cottage”.

She goes on to narrate in meticulous detail her wonderful stay, including all elements of the cottage as well as the unquestionable love that is had for the village of Kersey: “The big draw here is the stunning location. I usually prefer secluded cottages but the sleepy old street, lined with beautiful old houses, the thatched pub, the little stream (or wash) close by to the cottage, and the old church that overlooks the village from the top of the hill are the reason Kersey is Suffolk’s prettiest little village”.

You can read Jodie’s full story on her lovely stay at, which features the full version of the snippet that was also included in the Observer last week (see right in screenshot below).

Water Cottage in the press On the topic of Kersey, the unique Suffolk village was featured in a newspaper article in The Sunday Times. There is also an online version here, but new readers will have to pay for subscription to read the full story if you didn’t see it in the newspaper!

But there is Water Cottage in the photo on the left.

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