The Hexagon

Arrival Time

Departure Time

Please call the owner 2 days before arrrival to arrange getting into the cottage

The Hexagon car park
The Hexagon car park

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Contact Information

The Hexagon

  • Owners / Contact Name

    Vivien & Andrew

  • Contact Number

    07747 847 431

  • Alternative Contact Number

    01621 868 531

  • Special Instructions

    Please note that this What3words///definite.tickling.shampoo will get you to the farm gate which you need to go through to access The Hexagon which is 3 fields away up the cart-track

    As you leave Tollesbury at the end of Mell road, look out for the metal farm gate on your left labelled Wick Farm. (if you reach a wooden gate across the road labelled 'Mell Farm', you'll have to reverse as you have gone too far)

    Go through this gate to Wick Farm, and as you shut it behind you, you will see a keypad safe on the wooden post, hidden from the road.

    The number for the keypad safe is the last four numbers of the owner’s mobile telephone: 7431

    The set of keys in the keypad safe include a “zapper” which will open the next two wooden gates automatically – as you approach each gate, simply press the left hand button on the zapper and the gate will open – Magic !

    They will close behind you after two minutes. The second wooden gate is at the top of the disused railway line and halfway down the railway line is the Tower with space for you to park next to The Hexagon.


    Please speak to the owners 2 days before arrival to discuss your arrival time and how to get into The Hexagon


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The Hexagon