Discover: Little Cote and Skylarks

Little Cote and Skylarks

If you are a larger group of up to nine guests, then both Skylarks and Little Cote can be adapted to accommodate you as a group

Little Cote & Skylarks

Set in a lovely Nature Reserve:


– normally the 2 cottages which almost back on to one another are nicely separated by facing in different directions and having separate private gardens, which both lead out into the Nature Reserve.

But, the cottages can be joined into one as they have an interconnecting utility room (allocated to Skylarks) which can be converted into a hallway to join the cottages together see below:

Here you can see the front of Skylarks and their front garden and to the right another building which is the side/rear of Little Cote and their back garden – the gardens are separated by a high fence.


And here you can see the back door entrance to Little Cote (the house on the left) and the rear of Skylarks ( the Weather boarded house on the right) which has no entrance this side at all.