Discover: Historic cottage

I know it is perhaps silly to point this out but yes a historic house and particularly one that is Listed will probably have features that you will absolutely love the look of but which need to be taken into consideration when staying there like lower than normal doorways, floors that slope, beams that you may have to duck under and windows in unusual places.

The building regulations that cover Listed properties are based around the concept that you are just a caretaker of a building that from the moment it was Listed should not be altered – these regulations get ever more stringent as the Listing moves from Grade 2 to Grade one.

So don’t expect modern double glazing or modern height doorways because they might be the way they always were and there is no chance to change them. You are not booking into the Holiday Inn but a building that has been around for centuries.

Of course all our cottages are completely insured for holiday guests and meet building regulations.

If you are in any doubt about the suitability of a cottage for you then please do speak to us and we will personally answer any questions or concerns you may have.