Access Statement Rafe Hall Coach House

Rafe Hall Coach House is a ground floor accommodation with open plan living, dining room, kitchen and 2 en suite bedrooms with a further chill out / sofa bed mezzanine room.

The property is completely set in its own grounds with secure off road parking and the choice to park directly in front of the entrance if you wish 

All kitchen worktops, bathroom fittings, beds and chairs are all standard heights.    

The oven is under the kitchen worktop and It's a very spacious kitchen for easy access.

The floor is a flat and level wooden flooring throughout the open area with underfloor heating.

The dining area is next to the kitchen all open plan and space either side of the dining table.  

There is  good lighting and oversized switches for the main lights.  

There are pull down blinds on all windows and thick, lined and interlined curtains over the two large double doors in the open living area.

There is a bathroom  and bedroom situated off the dining area, the access through to the bathroom and bedroom area is 48" (no door)  The door going into the bathroom is 28",

The bathroom is tiled throughout with ceramic tiles and a walk in shower with glass front.  There is a 4" lip into the shower for the shower tray.  The opening into the shower is 26.4" with a splash back screen which you turn right and step in front of as you enter the shower with a gap of 21.8".  

There is a toilet with soft close lid, the sink has one tap with up/down, no turning.  Shaving socket and heated towel rail.


There are two internal steps in the large open plan room

These two steps are wooden and each one is 4" high.

At the lower level, where the main front and back doors access into, there is a master bedroom with adequate space for a wheelchair to get alongside the bed, an en suite bathroom which is tiled throughout. It has a slide door, and a step in shower, the step is 4 inches to get in.  The sliding door shower opening is 18".  The opening going into the bathroom is 27.5" and this is a sliding door.  The main bedroom door is 30.5" for access.  

The master bedroom has plenty of spot lighting and lamps with switches at a low level.  This bathroom also has a shaving socket, soft close toilet, and one tap for hot and cold.  There is a heated towel rail.  

At this lower level is also the access to the mezzanine level, this has 12 steps going upstairs which has a handrail and the steps and mezzanine level are carpeted.  The steps are 7" steps. The mezzanine level is more of a relaxing room with TV, record player, games etc and a pull out sofa bed for extra accommodation should it be required.  

The rest of the accommodation is on a single level.

The games room which is situated next to the Coach House in its own building also has a small raised paved area which is a 6cm step from gravel to the door.  The door to the games room measures at 31.5".  Inside the games room is a snooker table and table tennis table.

The Coach House has its own drive and access into a pea shingle courtyard with a pea shingle path to the front door and to the vegetable/herb garden and dog exercise area.  This is an enclosed area.

The outside of the Coach House has a raised slabbed patio  area outside all the doors.  

The drive is at the back of the Coach House .  


You can however enter the Coach House via the front or the back of the building.  

If entering from the front,  you can take the short gravel flat path around to the right of the building to the front door.  

There is a small paved area at the front of the house leading to the front door, the door is 31.6" and the step from the pea shingle to the patio area is 10 cm.  

Alternatively,  you can enter via the kitchen door where you can literally park outside the Coach House.  

The raised patio area is 10cm onto the patio from the shingle.  

There are two large double glass doors with wooden frames off both the paved patio areas at the front and back.  

The front door measures at 63" and the double door at the back measures at 54", these two doors go directly into the open living area.

There is one step into the kitchen door which is 20cm, the kitchen door is a double opening door with access measuring at 54".  

There is also the option of entering through the large double door, into the living area, the step from the patio area into the living area is 12cm.  

There is a small lip on the base of the double doors which is 5cm.


While not being disability rated in any way by the Tourist board this cottage does offer some advantages to those with disabilities owning to its spacious ground floor nature.

Mobile signal is reasonably good and if needed guests can use the main house telephones

If you have any specific question please do not hesitate to ask us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Thank you




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