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We specialise in what we call ‘Romantic Cottages’: cottages that have a wonderful romantic quality about them.

It could be their Historic roots, or quirkiness, it could be that special cosy ‘snuggle-down’ feel they have or an amazing location or even an uplifting design -  It could simply be the unique feeling of being in a place that the very texture and feel of the walls, floors and furniture is such a step back in time that you feel more like you are settling into an incredibly comfy armchair than walking into a building.

But when you put it all together these places have a Special Character, a Special Atmosphere and we call such a cottage a Romantic Cottage and are a joy just to be in.


All of the cottages are interesting and unusual in some way and many are historically important.

We feel that it is this special atmosphere of our cottages that our loyal guests like about us - whether it is a tiny Farm Workers cottage, or a grand Merchants Hall House.

Of course we have different kinds of cottages and houses but all come up to a 4 Star standard and some up to 5 Star Gold. This plus their size. location and facilities offered means that they have different prices but the basic service; the Welcome Breakfast hamper, personal Welcome at the cottage, the freewifi and everything else that make the cottages a ‘walk in - ready to go’ experience is exactly the same in every cottage.


Maybe you want to come to our core area around the beautiful Dedham Vale where the enchanting Medieval villages of Long Melford, Lavenham, Kersey, Nayland, Dedham, Boxford, Claire, Cavendish are.

Perhaps you want a riverside cottage, or a cottage just a few minutes from the seaside . We have some beautiful cottages virtually on the river and some other very close to the lovely Suffolk and Essex coast in unspoilt and interesting locations .

The majority of our cottages are just a short distance (avg. 90 minutes) from London.