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Romantic Cottages: What we specialise in!

The Grove Cottages specialises in romantic holiday cottages; all of them are interesting, unusual and many are historically important.

We are always looking for places that are restored back to their historical roots, rather than renovated for convenient modern living.

We feel that the atmosphere of an authentically restored lovely old cottage -- whether it is a tiny farm workers cottage, or a Merchants Hall House -- is far superior to a place that once you enter it you feel it could be any modern home.

Of course different kinds of cottages and houses lean naturally towards different kinds of finish and so a Merchants Hall House has more of a '5 Star' feeling than, for example, a tiny little farm workers cottage.


Maybe you want to come to our core area around the beautiful Dedham Vale where the enchanting Medieval villages of Long Melford, Lavenham, Nayland, Dedham, Boxford, Claire, Cavendish are.

Perhaps you want a riverside cottage, or a cottage just a few minutes from the seaside? We have some beautiful cottages virtually on the river and some other very close to the seaside.

The majority of our cottages are just a short distance (avg. 90 minutes) from London.